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Experience Luxury Travel with our Chauffeur Service in Dublin

Enjoy a Personalised Ride in Ireland with Black Tie Chauffeur

When it comes to chauffeur services, we are your top choice. At Black Tie Chauffeur, we pride ourselves on being recognised as one of Dublin’s premier chauffeur services. Rest assured that when you choose us, you’re choosing excellence and quality that is second to none. Need a quote? Got a question?

Premier Chauffeur Services in Ireland

We are the Best Choice for Chauffeur Services in Dublin.

Airport Transfer Service Dublin

Our expert chauffeurs provide stylish and reliable transportation, with access to all airports for your convenience. They understand the importance of your luggage, ensuring a smooth journey.

Corporate Chauffeur Services in Dublin

When you’re travelling for business, your transportation is key. That's why we offer chauffeur services throughout Ireland, which can be customised to suit any need.

Chauffeur Tours of Ireland

The perfect way to explore Ireland is by car. You can have your own private tour with Black Tie Chauffeurs and our drivers are experienced in guiding you through every sightseeing spot in Dublin or anywhere else.

Wedding & Special Occasions Chauffeur Services

We're here to make your wedding day perfect and memorable. Our professional drivers are ready to assist with everything from getting you there on time to ensuring a smooth honeymoon departure.

Airport Transfer Service Dublin

Our professional and experienced chauffeurs are the best in their field. They will transfer you between locations like a true boss, always with style! The drivers have access to all airports, so no matter where your journey takes place, they can be ready for it. Why get stranded without luggage when our driver knows how important that backpack is?

Corporate Chauffeur Services in Dublin

When you’re travelling for business, your transportation is key. That's why we offer Black Tie chauffeur service throughout Ireland, which can be customised to suit any need.

Chauffeur Tours of Ireland

The perfect way to explore Ireland is by car. You can have your own private tour on Black Tie Limo, and our drivers are experienced with guiding you through every sightseeing spot in Dublin or anywhere else.

Wedding & Special Occasions Chauffeur Services

We know that you want to make your wedding day as perfect and memorable for yourself, so we will take care of everything. Whether it’s getting there on time or taking off with the newlyweds in their honeymoon destination, our professional drivers are here at all times, waiting to accommodate whatever is desired during this special event.

Executive Meet & Greet Service Now Available

Elevate your Dublin arrival with a dedicated greeter, seamless luggage assistance, and a chauffeur waiting for a stress-free transition.

Our Cars

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E-Class redefines its category, elevating the bar for top-tier chauffeur-driven luxury and distinction. With this latest iteration, it not only meets but surpasses the loftiest of expectations. Whether your journey is for business or leisure, indulge in the sumptuous ride and relish the effortless chauffeured travel experience. This vehicle is undeniably a symbol of refined elegance, offering a sophisticated and stylish option for your travels.


Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S-Class stands alone in its category, establishing the benchmark for top-tier chauffeur-driven opulence and distinction. This newest iteration surpasses even the loftiest of anticipations. Sit back and relish the lavish journey, whether for business or leisure, as this is genuinely a plush and elegant car designed for effortless chauffeured travel.

Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V-Class stands apart, boasting a generous size and impressive passenger capacity that sets the stage for top-tier chauffeur-driven luxury and distinction. In its latest form, it not only meets but elegantly exceeds the loftiest of expectations. Whether your journey is business-related or leisurely, luxuriate in the sumptuous ride while comfortably accommodating numerous passengers. This vehicle represents a clear symbol of sophistication and style, delivering a refined and elegant choice for your travel needs.

Why Choose Us As Your Chauffeur Service in Dublin

  • Professional chauffeuring services for all transportation needs
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded Black Tie Chauffeur Services
  • Utmost safety and care for your every need
  • Treating each client with personalised attention
  • Well-groomed, knowledgeable, and reliable chauffeurs
  • On-time and secure travel experience
  • Comfortable, stylish, and exceed expectations
Black Tie Chauffeur services for executives

Indulge in a day dedicated to you. Experience the epitome of luxury with our fast and affordable chauffeur car service. Whether it’s a grand event or an intimate affair, we’re here to make your occasion truly special. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of every detail, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free journey. You deserve the best, and we deliver it with style and elegance.


What Clients Say About Our Black Tie Chauffeurs

Desiree WrightDesiree Wright
16:32 18 Jun 24
I recently used Black Tie Chauffeur (dublin) and was thoroughly impressed. Slavic, my main contact, made the booking process easy and was very responsive. The chauffeur arrived early, impeccably, dressed, and the vehicle was pristine.The level of customer service was exceptional. I highly recommend Black Tie Chauffeurs for anyone needing reliable and high-quality transportation in Dublin. They truly set the standard for excellence.
Vanessa MutentwaVanessa Mutentwa
16:54 17 May 24
Such a wonderful experience! Slavik, the chauffeur and proprietor of Black Tie Chaffeurs was simply wonderful during my hire of his services for a week with my very VIP superiors. He was respectable, on time and simply understood the assignment. I could easily use him again and i higly recommend him. Such a gentleman😊
s flannerys flannery
09:08 17 May 24
Emailed this company to book a service and never received a response. I called instead, the person who answered didn't give a name or confirm the that I was speaking to a company, just very abruptly told me to email. I explained that I had emailed, to which he told me "just email". I was mid sentence to confirm the date I had emailed and then he hung up.Unprofessional, rude, unreliable. I wouldn't trust this group.
Mario KuhajdaMario Kuhajda
23:03 12 May 24
susan higginssusan higgins
09:06 15 Apr 24
Great service highly recommend
Helen SheehanHelen Sheehan
12:08 01 Mar 24
Whatever Slavic does he does well.I expect only the best from him and thats what he always delivers.
Daniel SpillerDaniel Spiller
23:49 24 Feb 24
Whether from an airport, hotel, getting around town or seeing any part of Ireland, Slavic is the best driver and always helpful to all. Picture is saying goodbye at the Shelbourne.
Robbie CrowleyRobbie Crowley
11:00 24 Feb 24
Ian ScullyIan Scully
09:49 24 Feb 24
Reliable, timely and clean. Exceptional service.
Svetlana LupuSvetlana Lupu
09:32 24 Feb 24
Phil DalyPhil Daly
09:17 24 Feb 24
Great service. Professional throughout with friendly driver.
shane fogartyshane fogarty
09:16 24 Feb 24
Brilliant service, very professional.
carmina smalicarmina smali
15:02 19 Feb 24
Alexandru BotezatuAlexandru Botezatu
14:56 19 Feb 24
Sean HanniganSean Hannigan
12:55 19 Feb 24
Craig MorrisCraig Morris
08:24 19 Feb 24
Excellent service, immaculate vehicles and very professional drivers! Highly recommend!
Karl HanniganKarl Hannigan
08:11 19 Feb 24
Slavic and the Team are the Best. Excellent service Perfect punctuality sensational vehicles Very professional, I would highly recommend this chauffeur service. We use it all the time and now are associate businesses and friends use the same service. The meat and greet service from the airport to anywhere in the country is highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to seeing you next week.Karl Hannigan
Alexei CiorniiAlexei Ciornii
21:58 17 Feb 24
20:31 16 Feb 24
Incredible service, we were collected in a spotless car with an equally spotless and considerate driver, it got better when we were collected again as we walked through the arrivals gate of Dublin airport four weeks later to be greeted by Slavic for the return trip home. David
stanislav olarustanislav olaru
19:49 16 Feb 24
Brilliant service. Highly recommended.
10:51 16 Feb 24
I first starting availing of Slavic and Black Tie services for airport transfers when travelling alot with work. Service was always impeccable, on time, immaculate car and good rates. I have also used Black Tie for picking up from concerts ( Malahide Castle back to South Dublin) and again, impeccable service. Slavic also helped us out collecting family from airport when my father was ill, and he was kind and considerate at a very sensitive time. I highly recommend Black Tie!
Barry McCarthyBarry McCarthy
09:37 16 Feb 24
A great service, professional drivers and lovely cars. Always on time and very flexible.
Sergiu PascaneanSergiu Pascanean
07:13 16 Feb 24
David LyonsDavid Lyons
21:01 15 Feb 24
Couldn’t recommend more. A pleasure to deal with, clean cars with excellent spec and highly efficient. The best chauffeur service I have used.
resinbysisters xresinbysisters x
20:07 15 Feb 24
We receive a wonderful service from Black Tie Chauffeurs always on time, super responsive and flexible. They have fantastic cars and friendly drivers . I couldn’t recommend them more.
Viorel GaimerViorel Gaimer
07:45 15 Feb 24
Nice and comfortable ride,Thank you Black Tie ChauffeursSee you next time!!!
Igor CarausIgor Caraus
21:13 14 Feb 24
Highly recommend.
Svetlana CarausSvetlana Caraus
20:01 14 Feb 24
The best experience ever. Many thanks. Highly recommend.
Fiona FlanneryFiona Flannery
14:27 13 Feb 24
I would highly recommend Black Tie Chauffeur for all transportation needs. Very reliable and spotlessly clean professional vehicles which have safety brought me and my colleagues to and from the airport.. despite traffic congestion and time pressure on several occasions. Slavic, keep up the meticulous work and thank you!
Andrei CiudinAndrei Ciudin
13:31 11 Feb 24
Would highly recommend to anyone! Service is top class, always punctual and professional.
Olga CiudinOlga Ciudin
13:28 11 Feb 24
Highly recommended professional service!
Mihai StrugariuMihai Strugariu
07:03 11 Feb 24
An amazing chauffeur service! Traveling around Ireland with Black Tie Chauffeur make the journey to be once time life experience! Highly recommended !
Aoife MeagherAoife Meagher
16:43 07 Feb 24
Very timely, very professional, and very comfortable! I'd easily recommend again, it was smooth sailing from start to finish.
clare meagherclare meagher
10:39 07 Feb 24
Extremely professional. Slavic was at all times the most courteous and respectful chauffeur. My new driver. Clare.
Lindsey ClarkLindsey Clark
20:58 06 Feb 24
Slavic is absolutely wonderful. He’s always on time (which means early!) and is an excellent driver. He is my go-to resource for all things transportation. If it’s a group headed into town - or just a simple ride to the airport, he is the best person to call. I cannot recommend him enough. He is kind and thoughtful and knows how to gauge the car ride (chatty vs not)… I trust him to always show up. Recently I made a booking in advance and did not respond to his txt confirmation because I was in flight on the other side of the world - and he was still there to pick me up when I landed. He is absolutely the best 💯- I have recommended him to everyone I know.
Radu CarausRadu Caraus
18:44 06 Feb 24
Absolutely exceptional service! The attention to detail is truly remarkable, and the level of professionalism is outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch service!
Roman CaisRoman Cais
17:55 06 Feb 24
Joelene TrichardtJoelene Trichardt
04:21 06 Feb 24
I highly recommend Slavic and his team. They are professional, reliable and never disappoint. I have been a very happy customer for more than 3 years and counting. They always go over and beyond the call of duty.
Ion DronicIon Dronic
20:46 05 Feb 24
Very professional drivers and very good luxury cars, really good services of Black Tie Chauffers, big props to Slavic knows Dublin very well if you are to avoid traffic, and travel in style he is the man.
Ion DronicIon Dronic
20:46 05 Feb 24
Very professional drivers and very good luxury cars, really good services of Black Tie Chauffers, big props to Slavic knows Dublin very well if you are to avoid traffic, and travel in style he is the man.
Mihail NicolaevMihail Nicolaev
11:17 05 Feb 24
Mihail NicolaevMihail Nicolaev
11:17 05 Feb 24
Doina SavvaDoina Savva
16:28 04 Feb 24
Exceptional service! Impeccably clean, comfortable interior, and a courteous driver who navigated smoothly through traffic. The attention to detail and overall experience made the journey truly enjoyable. Highly recommend for those seeking a premium transportation option.
Andrei CiudinAndrei Ciudin
11:04 04 Feb 24
We've used Black Tie Chauffeurs on many occasions for personal and business purposes. They've been absolutely professional and always a pleasure to deal with. They're highly recommendable for every occasion. Brian Begley.
Jon BJon B
16:31 03 Feb 24
Great service, very professional, highly recommended for any occasion.
Brian hennBrian henn
15:54 03 Feb 24
The service was excellent!
Sheri DwyerSheri Dwyer
07:52 03 Feb 24
Highly recommend!!!I’m very fortunate that I found Slavic and his company. Whenever I arrive in Ireland, he is always on time to pick me up with a clean and beautiful car. Flights get delayed and cancelled and yet he is always there with a smile on his face. I am mostly impressed with his flexibility and his ability to arrange transportation for me, even when he is on holiday. I will only use Slavic and his company for all of my transportation needs, whether it’s an airport run (which is 2.5 hours) or to tour different parts of Ireland.If I could give 10 stars I would! I highly recommend him for all of your transportation needs! The level of service he provides is at the highest level. Not only does he have water, mints, tissue, etc., but he has been known to provide me with a pillow and a blanket so I can get a couple more hours of sleep which is very much appreciated!!
victoria ciudinvictoria ciudin
14:36 02 Feb 24
Professional and reliable service! Recommend.
Olleg RussuOlleg Russu
20:06 27 Jan 24
Back tie chauffeuris amazingand I willuse them all the time!!!
John RussuJohn Russu
20:05 27 Jan 24
Excellent experience!!!
tatiana rusutatiana rusu
20:03 27 Jan 24
Brilliant experience!
Gabriela RusuGabriela Rusu
20:02 27 Jan 24
Amazing service !!!
Leila KnappLeila Knapp
18:32 31 Dec 23
We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and kindness of our driver. He came through for us in a pinch when the train strike ruined our travel plans. He was extremely helpful, on time and knowledgeable. We would definitely use Black Tie again and recommend the company to our friends as well.
Iulian CacicovschiIulian Cacicovschi
15:48 29 Dec 23
Good service, thanks
Guy ConnollyGuy Connolly
16:22 12 Oct 23
Accommodating, friendly, and expert driving. Would highly recommend to anyone looking.
Vladislav GurdisVladislav Gurdis
11:40 10 Oct 23
A very professional and on point service.Highly recommended.
Valerie CordascoValerie Cordasco
14:42 29 Sep 23
Exceptional stress-free service to/from airport and day trip to Northern Ireland! Slavic is professional, punctual and committed to providing a valuable service to his guests. What sets Blacktie apart is their unwavering commitment to comfort. Slavic's courteous and attentive demeanor made us feel like valued guests and he went above and beyond to accommodate our requests. Vehicle was immaculate which added to the overall luxury experience. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a top-notch chauffeur experience. Thank you for making our journey memorable!
Gareth CamplingGareth Campling
07:24 27 Sep 23
I've used Black Tie for the last ~4 years and keep coming back due to the first class service and reliability, always there and communicates
Mick ConnollyMick Connolly
18:26 20 Sep 23
Our two trips w/ Black Tie were perfect. Timely, gracious, informative experiences. We are already booking again!
Abdi AliAbdi Ali
07:20 14 Sep 23
Excellent service. Timely pickup in luxury cars with professional drivers. Clean, luxurious & efficient. I have used many times and have no hesitation in recommending Black Tie to clients when they require transportation. Service with a smile
Randy SinkhornRandy Sinkhorn
20:50 31 Aug 23
Slavic was prompt, professional, AND flexible! Kept us informed through the entire trip. Highly recommend!